The Aquarium Business in India

Aquarium Business in India

The aquarium business in India has been taken by storm; the trend of keeping aquariums at home has become so popular.

That more and more people are making it their career choice as well.

Although many people in the country have heard about this and may have even seen one in person.

There are also many who have no idea what an aquarium really is and how it can be beneficial to them and their loved ones.

With so much misinformation out there, it’s no wonder that many do not know how to start an aquarium business or even where to get started!

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Recently, it has been found that there is a growing craze of keeping freshwater fish at home. Keeping aquariums has become extremely popular and is increasing day by day. There are many reasons as to why keeping aquariums has become so popular among people. One of them is because they not only serve a decorative purpose but also help improve air quality and act as stress relievers. In fact, many people who keep aquariums at home attest to their stress-relieving nature.

Types of Aquariums Available in the Market

Open top aquarium, Closed top aquarium, Semi-closed top aquarium, and Open bottom.

Closed top and semi-closed top are best suited for fish keeping hobbyists and are generally placed on tables.

These tanks should be lit from above with a fluorescent bulb with an output of 10 to 15 watts per gallon (roughly one 25 W/0.9 m lamp per 29 L/4 gal )

The open top tanks are ideal for schooling fish because they allow more gas exchange than closed or semi-closed systems.

Open bottom systems can be set up on benches, tables or stands.

Because there is a lot of water movement through these systems.

They need good filtration to keep up with waste production.

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Demand and Supply

The other scope of Aquarium Business in India is in a country like India with so many beautiful water bodies, it is only natural that demand for aquariums is on a rise.

Yet, very few companies are catering to these demands and there are many factors contributing to it.

In our talk with an aquarium business executive from Pondicherry he said that one major factor is ignorance among people about keeping an aquarium or lack of awareness about its benefits.

Most of them think it would be an unnecessary expenditure and that’s all.

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Set Up an Aquarium Store in your Locality

An aquarium store is a physical space where you can sell aquariums and other aquarium accessories.

These include everything from fish and plants to filters, lights, tanks, heaters, ladders and thermometers.

Many people are familiar with seeing these products but don’t necessarily know what they all do or how they work together.

You can use an online store to sell these products even if you don’t have your own retail space yet or want to test out local interest before investing in a full-fledged business.

This will also let you offer more variety at a lower cost of entry for now.

Then once it looks like there’s enough demand for your business idea, think about getting your own location.

This point should remember when you plan to setup Aquarium Business in India.

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How to Make Money with an Aquarium Shop or Business in India

If you are an aquarium hobbyist, then opening an aquarium shop is definitely a good business idea.

This type of business can be operated at any place as there are no restrictions on running it.

You will not have to worry about customers.

An aquarium shop can also be run online and many people find doing so to be more convenient as they do not have to leave their homes and look for customers.

They only need to operate it from their computer, which is not hard to do.

The most important thing required for running such a business is proper knowledge about aquariums and related things like tanks, pumps, filters etceteras. So that people who come to buy things from your shop get satisfied with what they buy from you and recommend others to visit your shop.

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Conclusion: Aquarium Business in India

The Aquarium Business in India is gaining momentum with every passing day.

It’s time you too think of ways to cash in on it.

We have put together a complete guide for setting up an aquarium business from scratch and making money from it.

We hope you find our ideas insightful and helpful as they were inspired by professionals who have gone through all of these phases before you.

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