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Can beginners keep discus?

This is the first and most popular question in Discus Aquarium- Beginners Guide. Discus are one of the most popular fish in the aquarium hobby. And with good reason, their bright color, tranquil personality and Frisbee shape makes them almost irresistible to any fish keeper. The only concern is that, so many aquarium hobbyists are scared of the special requirements they have to provide for the healthy rearing of discus, and they believe it as a herculean task as many sources tell that it is very difficult to keep discus for beginners and it could only do by the experienced fish keepers. We cannot completely deny this statement, however; if we are ready to pay a considerable amount of attention and keep good hygiene, we could also own our own discus aquarium.

Why do people think keeping discuss is not so easy?

Discus originated from the flood plains of the amazon, where a flood pulse can change the level of water by meters in-depth as it rises along a shallow flood plain. This pulse provides much more space for growth, breeding and feeding. They found in crevices and breaks in the water flow, such as small inlets or among fallen trees, where their wide body is protected from the current. These areas are shaded and the river bed is soft sediment. These are the peculiarities of its natural habitat, replicating the exact water chemistry and geographical conditions that will definitely be challenging even for the experienced fish keepers. Then the condition with beginners is quite predictable.

Do we have to compromise?

This is the most important question in Discus Aquarium- Beginners Guide. The answer is “Never.” Because the discus we used for home aquarium is not the one which is directly caught from Amazon River. Almost all the discus available today is captive bred. That is, they are raised in the farms or hatcheries anywhere in the world. Then why do we want to make major alterations in the water and aquarium to match with Amazon? Definitely no! The only thing we have to do is to ask the retailer all about the discus you are going to buy. Where did they breed? And what was the aquarium condition they provided, etc. and try to replicate your water parameters to that. Definitely you will be surprised with good result. 

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