Water Condition of Discus Aquarium

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Discus is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish. The distinctive shape and splendid colour patterns attract the aquarium hobbyists and make them ready to provide all the needy things for their healthy rearing: understanding water chemistry, temperature, space requirements, water flow, and dietary needs are indispensable. So we must be clear about the Water Condition of Discus Aquarium.

Three features characterize the natural habitat of discus; the water is relatively warm (28 – 34°C), it is at least 1.5 meters deep, and the water is soft and acidic (between 4- 5). And this is a natural way to protect the discus from all types of pathogenic attack. The delicacy of discus in the aquarium is primarily due to their poor resistance. Thus providing an adequately high water temperature (at least 28°C or between 82°- 86°F) and extreme high hygiene standards are essential. The water temperature should not rise above 30°C. If it goes higher than 34°C, it will cause death. An aquarium heater can be used to maintain proper water temperature. The necessary hygiene can be achieved using a large volume filter and regular partial water change. The captive-bred discus can be kept in de-chlorinated water. The filtration should be both mechanical and biological. The partial water changes should be made with conditioned freshwater. The temperature difference between the new and aquarium water should not be more than 2- 4°C, and the new water should always be cooler, never warmer than the aquarium water.

The pH should be between 6.0 and 7.0, with hardness between 1° and 4° dkH (18 to 70 ppm). Though soft acid water is not very essential for successful maintenance, It limits the development of potentially harmful bacteria. For this, the fish keeper should always have a supply available for the essential partial water changes. Primarily it is done by humic acid and secondarily by plant materials (detritus) or special liquid preparations that are added at every water change. This will reinforce the immune response of the fishes. Above all these facts, while purchasing the discus, ask the retailer about the water chemistry they were raised in and try to replicate your water parameters according to that. These are the Water Condition of Discus Aquarium.

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