Aesthetic Aquarium Plants for Your Home

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A well-designed aquarium can look incredibly beautiful, especially when it has plants in it! But not all plants are suited to the conditions of an aquarium. In this article, we review some of the best aesthetic aquarium plants for your home aquarium. If you are planning on setting up an aquarium and would like to learn more about which plants you should choose, keep reading!

When we set up an aquarium, aesthetics are often left by the wayside. The main concern seems to be whether or not you have a healthy ecosystem. But having a gorgeous tank is important too! While you don’t need to get finicky about your tank, it can help create balance in your life and in your home to have a space that is attractive as well as functional. One way to do that is with aesthetic aquarium plants. Read on below for more information on some of our favorite aesthetic choices!


One of my favorite Cryptocoryne species is C. wendtii . It’s a beautiful plant with wide, shimmering leaves and bold red-striped variegation. I don’t recommend it for beginners due to its relatively slow growth habit and low lighting demands, but for those who like Cryptocoryne and/or are looking to make a striking display with minimal effort, it’s definitely worth a shot. My local fish store sells crypts in 1L pots that grow just shy of 5 tall in an aquarium so plan on buying multiple of these plants if you want more than one per tank!

Echinodorus cordifolius

Best Aquarium Plant for Beginners and Décor: Echinodorus cordifolius is an aquarium plant commonly known as heartleaf. It’s primarily used in aquariums to create visual interest, but will also act as a form of aquatic foliage that helps clean fish tank water. Heartleaf is one of several plants from within the Echinodorus genus, making it ideal for aquascapers who want to design a planted tank but aren’t looking to invest a ton of time into research. Also noteworthy is how long heartleaf can last—it will remain lush and vibrant over years of frequent maintenance and care.

Limnophila sessiliflora

Known as Rosette Plant in reference to its growth pattern, Limnophila sessiliflora is among one of those aquarium plants that are excellent candidates for aquascaping. It grows upright, reaching heights of about 1 foot (30 cm) and has a thick base (about 1-2 mm). They typically grow a little slower than other aquarium plants.

Ludwigia inclinata (tall)

Ludwigia inclinata, or Ludwigia inclinata, is a Brazilian aquatic plant species in the family Onagraceae. This species is native to South America, where it is widespread in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. It has become established as an invasive weed elsewhere in South America and throughout much of Central America and parts of North America. The plant can grow up to 6 feet (1.8 m) tall when placed at optimal light conditions.

Marsilea hirsuta

One of our favorites here at Nusantara Tropics, Marsilea hirsuta (also called Anubias barteri var. nana) is a small plant found in Vietnam and Cambodia. It’s pretty easy to grow and is especially nice for low-light aquariums, where it will grow fairly tall (~5′′) before adding side shoots and spreading out. Its delicate leaves do sometimes fall off, but new ones will quickly grow in their place. As with most true aquatic plants, though, M. hirsuta requires high amounts of CO2 (~8ppm or more), and partial or even complete submersion while younger.

Rotala rotundifolia

If you’re looking to make your aquarium look more like a fountain than a fish tank, then consider Rotala rotundifolia. This plant is native to Southeast Asia, but it’s grown all over as an aquatic ornamental plant. Rotala rotundifolia is used in many different kinds of aquariums—especially with those who want their home aquariums to look more like aesthetic aquascapes.

Rotala wallichii var. splendens

While it’s not as commonly used as other aesthetic aquarium plants, rootala wallichii var. splendens is a good choice if you want to spruce up your freshwater aquarium. Native to Southeast Asia, where it grows in swamps and ponds, Rotala wallichii var. splendens features elongated leaves that are usually red with splotches of yellow or white.

Vesicularia dubyana

Considered to be one of the most aesthetic aquarium plants, Vesicularia dubyana is a fast-growing plant that does great in low-to-medium light. The wide leaves are generally dark green and grow to about 5 inches. This species is often sold as an aquarium plant because it has beautiful features like bright red roots, which can contrast well with other plants in your tank.

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