Feeding Discus Fishes

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Discus fish food should be comprised of different nutritional factors. It can be in the form of pellets, flakes or in frozen or live conditions. Make sure that you are feeding discus different verities of feeds so that you can make sure of sufficient nutrition intake.  Though discus can stay for couple weeks without taking any feed you have to feed them up to five times a day in a regular interval of at least two hours to enhance growth and get good colour and shape.

Feeding Dry items: There are different types of ready to use pellets formed or flake formed feeds available from different brand, it is better to soak dry feed at least three to five minutes to avoid fishes getting bloated unsoiled pellets can easily make them bloated were as pellet feeds contains several essential nutritional facts. It is better to continue same feeds were the supplier of the fishes has been giving if it contains sufficient nutritional values. If you are required to change feed, better you may raise tank temperature to 28°C – 30°C and keep fish dieted for 24 – 36 hours.

Frozen Feeds: Frozen feeds mainly are worms, Animal Heart Mix, Frozen Artemia or Shrimps etc. Frozen feeds usually kept for deepfreeze for at least forty eight hours in a deep freezer, since it is very cold for fish keepers need to keep out of the freezer at least four to five minutes to get melted. Feeding frozen feeds may case infections and diseases. Most of the time frozen feeds are prepared by fish keepers they can add required nutritional contents, this the main advantage of frozen feeds.   

Live Feeds: Bay Brine Shrimps, small fishes, worms are major live feeds given to Discus fishes. Artemia usually given for raising babies, It is necessary to feed at least one month for baby fishes, preferably five times a day.

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